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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just before I'm gone again..

..I'll succumb for once to the urge I've been fighting not to put up a post here since I last wrote one a couple of months ago.
I assumed it would take a while to come back to blogging, but truth be told, not this long.
The convinction that the world was not missing much kind of kept me going.
But the intervening period has been nothing short of fun, especially if you like political conventions (American -style), the Olympics and Russian invasions.
That about sums up what I might have offered my 2-pence opinion on.
So while we contemplate who among Sarah, Barack, Joe or John makes it to the White House and Number One Observatory Circle respectively, or the possibilities of warming up for another cold war, let us be rest assured of one thing - your beloved Xchange 2.0 will try not to break its avowed silence on those issues.

Reason: There are a lot of other more important things going on in the world.

And we'll bring them to your attention here starting in full next week, when I come back from a short family visit.

To keep you going till then, consider this: The colour of your skin could mean a higher interest rate from your lender. It's one of some suprising insights I stumbled upon here from the world of social science research.

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