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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Game Changing Tuesday

What is my own? It can only be game changing for Barack or Hillary, but how does that affect or concern a Yoruba boy 'biding in Northern Europe?

Truth is, whoever becomes POTUS among them two will take decisions that affect the rest of the world. (Did I hear me say - give us a break?). So here's the real truth...tell me who doesn't just like the spectacle of this political contest. Fascinating stuff my peeps!

In the lead up to the vote today, Obama's former best pastor has been an issue, and now Christopher Hitchens really thinks Michelle is the reason why Barack hadn't 'rejected and denounced' Pastor Jerry earlier, hence she is "responsible for this whole fiasco"

If by any fat chance anyone is reading this in IN or NC, then David Brooks comparison and contrasting of Hillary's Combat and the Composure of Barack might just make you change your voting game plan. That's if you've not already put both candidates through the 8 question test.

May the best man win today's game.

No, that wasn't a typo as James Carville already told us about her cojonnes!

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